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About Me

Kym Lundberg, LMFT, Licensed Therapist
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Kym Lundberg, MA, LMFT (LMFT#129673)

M.A. in Counseling from St Mary's College of California,

Emphasis in Marriage and Family Therapy and  Professional Clinical Counseling

B.A. in History of Art and Visual Culture, Minor in Education from UC Santa Cruz​

TESOL Certification from Trinity College in their program in Barcelona, Spain

I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. I specialize in providing support for adolescents, young adults, adults and families who are dealing with co-occurring anxiety, depression, and ADHD.  I have been at psychotherapist for nine years, many of which I worked in school-based community mental health and simultaneously in private practice. Previous to that I had worked in education and art, teaching and supporting children, adults and families for seven years prior to my career shift, some of which was overseas.

Education and Certifications

I received my Master's degree from Saint Mary's College of California. I also hold a Certificate in Teaching English as a Second Language (TESOL) from Trinity College through their program in Barcelona. I have a background in art, with my B.A. in the History of Art and Visual Culture, with a Minor in Education and Teaching from University of California, Santa Cruz.  I also hold Certification in Spiritual Counseling from Shannon Knight. This background gives me a unique perspective of the impact of culture and media on our social and psychological development. 

Additional Training

I have pursued additional training in trauma, ADHD and Autism, LGBTQ+ affirming care, creative arts, nervous system/neurobiology-informed therapy, family systems, recovery from high conflict relationships, multicultural and culturally affirming therapies, and social justice's place in therapy. I am constantly learning and working to stay up to date on new research and my community. 

My Background and Story

I discovered my own ADHD later in life and through my own journey, I have learned a great deal and am passionate about supporting my clients who are also late diagnosed. Understanding that with diagnosis, there are complex feelings and learning curves, and I can better help my clients threw the natural feelings of grief as well as relief from having answers. Learning how to work with my brain rather than against it has been freeing and hope to help my clients experience this relief and freedom as well. 

Relevant Interests

Additional interests of mine include complementary and traditional medicine, nutrition, lifestyle, and the interconnected relationship to mental health, along with indigenous healing practices and spirituality. If these are things that you would be interested in discussing and integrating into our work together, I welcome you to share your experiences and beliefs.

Fun Facts

I am an elder emo and love pop culture and music. 

As much as I am a bit of a nutrition and complementary medicine nerd, I think pizza should be it's own food group.

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