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Forest mountain range with fog.

Life can sometimes feel like a series of mountains to climb.
It can make a difference to have someone walking with you. 

Kym Lundberg, LMFT, Therapist and Coach

My name is Kym Lundberg. I'm a psychotherapist, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT #129673), educator and consultant. I help anxious and overwhelmed people feel more calm and confident. I am particularly good with clients who are creative, neurodivergent, who struggle with their inner critical voice and who sometimes (or often) get lost on their way to creating a life they love. 

We all go through rough times.  Sometimes we can feel overwhelmed, discouraged, and absolutely exhausted. Ideally we can find meaning and transformation from our challenges, but sometimes what we are reaching for, whether that be a sense of relief or a specific goal,  just feels so far away. Or maybe you've gotten to the point where it seems impossible and you are feeling truly lost. Perhaps you are at a point where you don't really see a way forward from where you are without something big changing.  These are the times when reaching out and having someone walk with us can make all the difference in the world.


Like everyone, I've had my share of ups and downs and I am so grateful for the people in my life who showed up and walked with me through those moments. Even so, there have been times of grief and loss, a crippling sense of aloneness, and despair. Everyone's journey is unique, but it can help to have the support of someone who has faced their own challenges and bring their own experience and perspective. 

Perhaps you feel like the harder your are on yourself, this will somewhat make you better, stronger, or you'll make better decisions. Yet it isn't working. Maybe you are feeling more lost and alone and confused. Perhaps your relationships are suffering. Maybe you stopped creating, even though you know art or writing or gardening helps you feel better. It can seem easier to distract yourself with your phone. Maybe you have become so focused on everyone else around you, you are constantly in a state of burnout and you can't seem to find 5 minutes to actually rest for yourself.  


If you are a parent, perhaps you just throw up your hands and let your child have whatever it is they are freaking out about because you just don't know what to do anymore.  Maybe you have gotten stuck in a cycle of anger and resentment and arguments with your stubborn child/spouse/elderly parent and you don't like what you hear yourself saying out loud. Or maybe you have become so isolated that you have withdrawn and are being consumed by anxieties and fears. You just keep researching and researching and researching and nothing seems to make a lasting difference. Perhaps some of these describe what you have observed in your child or teen? These are signs that it's time to get support. 

There is hope. I have found that an integrative, holistic approach with the work that I do with individuals, children and families can make a difference in people's lives. I specialize in working with anxiety, depression, grief and loss. New insights into the brain, understanding the body, neuropsychology and neuroplasticity have brought so much light and hope to our understanding and our tools to create change. I am passionate about showing my clients how much power they have to change their patterns and thoughts, to feel calmer, clearer, and more grounded in themselves and their environment. It is a relief and infinitely rewarding when we get to see how we can transform our challenges into our strengths, using our creativity, our stories, our bodies, and our positive choices to create lasting change and transformation.


Beyond my Master's  degree in Counseling, I bring experience and training in grief and trauma, non-denominational spiritual counseling, mindfulness and meditation, complementary medicine for mental health, expressive arts, learning differences (ie. ADHD, language processing, etc), as well as life and career transitions. I bring my 16 years of experience working with children and families in various educational settings, seven of which have been focused in mental health and counseling. If you are an adult looking for a therapist, check out my Therapy for Individuals page. If you are a parent looking for support and a therapist for your child, go to my Support for Parents page.


Additionally, I offer consultation with Individuals and Organizations to improve Mental Wellness and community engagement in schools and companies.

Reach out to schedule a complementary phone consultation. This usually takes about 15-30 minutes and we can discuss how I might be able to support you. We’ll determine together if I am the right fit for you and if not, I will do my best to help connect you to services that will be most supportive for you. Check out my contact page, email me at or leave me a voicemail at 510-556-8368.

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