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Therapy for Individuals

Help with Anxiety & Depression ~ Relationships ~ Career ~ Family ~Balance ~ Stress ~ Well-being ~ Communication​ ~ Grief & Loss ~ Transitions


Are you feeling burnt out, overwhelmed and nothing seems to be working as you try to navigate all of the Things? Are you having trouble sleeping and your anxiety or overthinking is sucking your motivation? Are your relationships with your loved ones feeling strained and a source of some of these worries

I believe that therapy is about building a therapeutic relationship in which we work as a team to develop goals that resonate with you to build a life you love. I have a warm and encouraging style and I like to bring humor in when appropriate. You may have noticed that I love a good metaphor if you read my Home page first. I've been helping people with their emotional pain, grief, trauma, fear, anxiety, confusion, self-worth, broken heart, stress, relationship issues, life and career transitions, and self-care in various roles and as a therapist since 2015. I can assist in identifying personal strengths and developing new coping skills and strategies that you and/or your child can use to improve quality of life and experiences. I particularly enjoy working with creative types and those who are neuro-divergent, including clients who struggle with being late-diagnosed ADHD and/or on the Autism Spectrum.

Through my work with clients, I help people express themselves in authentic and sometimes creative ways to improve their sense of connection with themselves, their loved ones, and their world. An important part of the work to me is supporting my clients find those wise parts within themselves and those things that help them feel whole and capable, perhaps for the first time.  Helping clients build better relationships with themselves as well as with the significant people in their lives is often a vital part of this process. 

My approach to therapy is collaborative and I believe in building a relationship with a foundation in trust. I see therapy as a partnership in which we work together as you reach your goals and where I can serve as a witness  to your progress and strengths as well as a support in those moments of struggle and pain. I work with multiple modalities, integrating Mindfulness, Expressive Arts, Relational and Cognitive Behavioral Therapies in particular.  Our time together could be short and solution-focused, such as improving communication or coping skills, or could be longer-term depth work for transformational change. I bring my expertise and I adapt my approach to your personality, interests, and needs. I also like to bring humor into my sessions because sometimes laughter can be some of the best medicine.

Therapy Services I provide:

  • Individual Therapy

  • Teen Therapy

  • Young Adult Therapy

  • Therapy for Parents with children who are struggling and who need support

  • Art Therapy

  • Mindfulness and Meditation Training

  • Support in Coping & Adjusting to Change

  • Grief Counseling

  • Support Through Life Transitions

  • Consultation with Individuals and Organizations to Improve Mental Wellness in Schools and Companies

Call or email me for a free initial consultation call to see if we would be a good fit:


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