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Therapeutic Learning Support for Neurodivergent Clients

I provide psychotherapy and support for neurodivergent students, from teens to young adults in higher education. My clients come to me struggling with overwhelm, difficulty focusing, procrastination, and self-sabotage. Together, we learn to work with their brain and their strengths, not against it, to help them achieve their goals with more freedom, clarity, and calm. 


The academic pressures and expectations for students who are bombarded with the distractions of social media and technology can be daunting, both for the student and the caregivers. It can feel overwhelming and deeply draining. This is true for all ages, from elementary to adults learners and navigating the new world of hybrid learning.  Research has shown that there are many undiagnosed neurodivergent and thus untreated and under supported students who have developed or are at risk of developing co-occurring anxiety or depression, among other challenges. I am passionate about neurodiversity-affirming mental health care and supporting students as they navigate this modern education landscape.

  • Solution focused goal setting

  • Study & organizational skills

  • Coping skills

  • Navigating school dynamics

  • Redirecting and refocusing

  • Dealing with anxiety

  • Support to reach their potential 

From personal experience with late-diagnosed ADHD and family with learning differences and neurodiversity, I'm familiar with some of the realities of how this can look at home. I have been told I have an unusual amount of patience, even for someone who works in mental health. I come from a place of no judgement, and I find it easy to see the strengths and interests that can be highlighted to help balance out and work on the challenges

I bring my experience teaching in after school and daytime classrooms as well as having provided psychotherapy in school-based setting for years and frequently consult with my community of school-based educators. With a background in education, art and counseling, I have a unique set of tools to help you or your student reach academic and social-emotional goals in the current academic climate of unprecedented uncertainty and change. 

Collaborating with parents and children to tailor our sessions to their interests, personality, learning style and personal goals makes the process engaging and fun. Research and experience shows that emotional stress can greatly impact learning and motivation, so I work with the whole person to facilitate their growth. I believe it is important to build confidence as well as skills, and it is vital to support children with positive reinforcement and encouragement as well as clear structure and boundaries. I can teach study tools as well as coping tools to manage stress and personal blocks that will help my students meet their goals.

I also offer consultation with individuals and organizations to improve mental wellness in schools and companies

Call or email me for a free initial consultation call: (510) 505-8580

School overwhelm
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