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Consultation and Support
for Parents & Caregivers

Are you feeling absolutely drained and at the end of your rope with your child? Are you feeling totally confused by your child who seems so bright but they struggle with school and/or with their peer relationships? Do you seem to have seemingly endlessly repetitive conversations about homework, video games, phones, or just things that seem simple but nothing seems to work? Perhaps it ranges from them completely shutting down or exploding in anger and complete meltdown? Are you Very Concerned (read: panicking) about what the next school year is going to look like with your child doing distance learning and navigating all the things?


We are living in uncertain times right now and I'm with you as we are all learning how to adapt to this time of social unrest, confusion, natural disasters, and remote learning, to name a few and in no particular order. I've been supporting parents for years as an educator and then as a therapist. You don't have to do this alone we navigate these uncertain times an unprecedented challenges of working from home, homeschooling, 24/7 parenting, income insecurity, supporting elderly or ill parents, and prolonged and sometimes debilitating anxiety, stress and uncertainty. 

I have worked in schools in various roles for over 13 years and currently work at an elementary school as their school-based therapist. This gives me a unique perspective on educational systems and I understand the ins and outs of teams and variables that can be at work in your child's experiencing of school. I offer my own perspective or sometimes partner with my supervisor for educational consultation with schools and parents to provide additional support service for children and families. 

You are not alone. We are in this together and I can help you navigate the unique challenges of uncertain times, working from home, difficulties adjusting to  changes, remote learning, co-parenting, and helping you and your child deal with the anxieties and stress of this time. I truly believe we can come out of this stronger, more resilient, more adaptable, connected and caring.

Contact me and we can set up a time for a free consultation call:


Phone: 510.556.8368

Outdoors Tutoring
A Boy and His Tablet Device
Studying on a Computer

​Services I Offer:​

  • Child Therapy

  • Adolescent Therapy

  • Parent Consultation and Support

  • Support with Remote & Technology-Based Learning

  • Goal Setting

  • Intervention Suggestions

  • Strategic Action Planning

  • SST, 504, and IEP Meeting Consultation and Collaboration

  • Bridge for Communication Between Parents and School

School Collaboration
  •     Collaboration with teachers 


  •     Assist with program modification​

  •     Provide resources and/or strategies for school staff​

  •     Concrete, Practical, and Individualized Interventions

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