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Creative Coaching

Integrating the Creative, the Spiritual and the Practical in our changing world

Coaching is a service that I offer for my clients who are wishing for more of a different focus and energy than therapy. Typically this can be done over by video conference or in person. I accept clients from all over without the limitations of my California Therapy license.

I hold certifications in Spiritual Counseling and Theta Healing as well as my training and experience as a psychotherapist. 

I am passionate about helping people create a life they love and feel is truly authentic to them, feeling connected and integrated with their sprititual, creative and practical selves. Often creatives and spirituality can feel difficult to ground into our present reality, so having support to explore what a truly fulfilling and authentic life can be helpful. I know from personal experience that while often we may want to walk a solitary path or may feel different or have difficulty finding support when you are breaking out of cultural, social or familial expectations if can feel isolating. I'm here to tell you that you are definitely not alone.

Paint Artist
Meditation in Forest
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